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NXUP | January 20, 2018

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"Zoe Poze" Actor/Entertainer/Hustler - NXUP

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At Twenty-Three years old Clarck P. Jean Baptiste a.k.a “Zoe Poze” rules as one of the most popular Haitian-American comedians on social media. His success doesn’t stop on social media, nor was it overnight. Constantly perfecting his craft and dabbling in other avenues has caught the attention of various celebrities and movie directors. Zoe is highly requested to host movie premieres, cultural organizations and pioneer skits for music videos. Hosting different events outside of the Haitian culture, He is recognized by comedians alike on social media.

Driven to be the best of all time at his craft, Zoe gives us his blue print on how he intends on doing just that. Furthermore he leaves us with words of wisdom, encouraging us to be resilient, never settle, how he wants to be remembered when the show is over and the curtain closes. So lock in and take mental notes, this is an interview to remember.

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