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NXUP | January 20, 2018

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Tiana N. Burse " Public Figure, Entrepreneur & Success Junkie" - NXUP

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Tiana Burse is the CEO of District Media Press and Founder of viral brand “Bar Talk & Coffee”. District Media Press was founded by her and her business partner in 2016 and has continued increase over the course of the past year with new clients coming in for her marketing expertise. Burse’s understanding of
business has grown over the last ten years from the great highs and lows of being in the marketing and advertising world. Her strongest asset, and what has made District Media Press grow, is her vast knowledge and understanding of social media based marketing. Her ability to take companies who are struggling and
help them grow has given her and her team the edge they need to successfully market the clients she takes on.
Tiana Burse’s brand has elevated her as one of the most sought after speakers in the country, top business thought leaders and slated the term ‘millennial genius” by legendary speaker Les Brown. Her savvy business approach has gained the attention of multi-billion dollar brands, leading into some powerful
collaborations. She is currently working on her brand “Bar Talk & Coffee” and expanding on what she has already done. With weekly vlogs and podcasts, she is able to reach the audience she has already captivated and much more. Tiana received the award for top 30 under 30 by Observe Media and has continued to win awards further solidifying her understanding in the business world.

Tiana N. Burse

Public Figure

Instagram- @tianaburse


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