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NXUP | February 24, 2018

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Rich Is Just A Feeling - NXUP

Rich Is Just A Feeling
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March 27th 2016, Highland Park NJ, the weather was perfect for Easter Sunday, Amongst other activities. one of them being the soft spring collection of newly clothing line Rich Intentionz’.  For quite some time there has been a young man diligently working at making his mark on the constant evolving and competitive clothing industry. His love for fashion has landed him at the door steps  of being a creator of his own brand. Gavin Thigpen along with his partners has come together to style everyone this spring/summer in their highly demanded Rich Intentionz  brand.  On this day they were able to showcase what new looks and styles they have been working on.  The event was a success as there were many  supporters, spectators and artist who would soon hit the stage to perform some of their singles.  Gavin alongside of his partners  believes that  it’s not the money, or the clothes that defines you as being rich but the feeling is what makes you rich!  “Rich Is Just A Feeling”

Story By NXUP’s : King Cass

Instagram:  @RICHINTENTIONZ___

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