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NXUP | February 24, 2018

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Living The bi-coastal Lifestyle with Emily Guglielmo - NXUP

Living The bi-coastal Lifestyle with Emily Guglielmo
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Interview with Emily Guglielmo


Emily Guglielmo is living the bi-coastal lifestyle and is enjoying doing that while also being a Floridan mermaid. You must read more of the interview to find out more about that part of her life. She’s also co-founder of The Rel/Event Series with Erman Baradi. She’s excited about their next event in Los Angeles where it’s a wonderful support for those who want to network in film as well as listen to those who are in the film industry today whether they are a screenwriter or producer or actor. It’s for all creative types and especially great for indie filmmakers.



As we talked on the phone, you mentioned that you’re bi-coastal, so tell me how you juggle working on two coasts?

It is really hard to juggle 2 separate lives in a sense. Every time I go back and forth, I feel I am going back for the first time all over again. I defiantly have a passion for traveling and enjoy flying and being on the road.  As my father would say, that’s my gypsy side of me.



You’re Co-Founder of The Rel/Event Series with Erman Baradi. How did your partnership start?

Erman and I met 4 years back when we both were producers with The Great American Pitch fest out of Los Angeles. I started when I was 19 years old as an attendee pitching scripts that I wrote and worked on with my writer and mentor William Milano. A year later the owners Signe Olynak and Bob Shultz had me become part of the team. Erman and I worked really well side-by-side and decided to partner up and create our own thing. Its success is going super fast, and we have plans to make it international.




Your most recent Rel/Event was in New York City back in January; did you have a favorite part of the event?

I would say my most engaging part was being able to listen to the panels. The last couple events of mine, I haven’t been able to hear the speakers talk to the crowd at all.  I was so tied up with loose ends with the event and running around. So our next event on April 8th at The Globe in downtown LA, I have already planned out the logistics with the team. I am partnering up with Tribe Unity to help with those details, so I truly can enjoy my own event.






What are you excited about the next one that will be in LA on April 8? What can those who are attending to expect and where can one purchase a ticket?

You can purchase your tickets through the site at

I am super excited to see all the people and the paparazzi. We are planning for 700+ people. We are also having an after party following immediately after at TheReserve which is walking distance from the The Globe. You can purchase those tickets through the website as well.



As we talked the other day on the phone, we talked about supporting other women whether it’s in film industry or just in general. What advice would you give to other women to encourage them to want to build up others instead of tearing them down?

My advice is to just go for it! No one ever got successful staying inside their comfort zone! You must take risks and a lot of them!

Trust me when I say, it will in fact pay off.




Who inspires you to pursue the life that you’re living in your personal and career?

My inner self always reminds me that I am doing the right thing. Even though I doubt myself ALL THE TIME! A huge supporter is my mother as well.

She definitely is my backbone. I feel every one should have a backbone, if not, life can be very difficult and lonely.


I know you’re a supporter of Indie films, what do you like about them?

I like that they are more on a personal level. They are not corporate! Anyone can feel comfortable being on an indie set.

I defiantly have much more experience on commercials and infomercials though J


Do you have a favorite Indie film?

I like indie documentaries since they always have a true meaning and statement behind them like real life!



You’re a model, mermaid (please give some info about that for the readers), producer, and other things, which are you most passionate about?

I started as a mermaid back 4 years ago as a passion/hobby.  I made a website and started getting calls left and right and it became a job! Growing up, my family always went to the beach. We are very much a water family, so me being a mermaid comes natural. I am known as The Florida Mermaid and am transitioning into The American Mermaid. I am working on my presence internationally.




Do you have a desire to act one day? And if so, what genre would you want to perform in?

I’ve been told I am naturally funny; however, comedy is the hardest genre. I have done an incredible amount of infomercials and commercials as well as background work on TV shows and movies including “Magic Mike” and “Spring Breakers”.

I really want to tap into the voiceover part of the industry. I have an amazing voice and the world needs to hear it. I have done some radio in my day, but I am looking at doing animated movies and cartoons.



I enjoy sharing motivating quotes with the readers; do you have one that you go to when you’re having a tough day?

Love Life… Because Life Loves You

Don’t be too serious… Life is too short for that!!



Tell me three fun facts about you?

I’m a Pisces, my favorite beverage is ice cold water with lemon, I can free dive for a few minutes at a time and go very deep!


Emily also has a non-profit foundation called “Saving Souls Foundation and it can be found at From Facebook page: “The Saving Souls Foundation is an organization that raises awareness, funds, and global participation to enable drinking water for all 3rd world nations.”


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Written and interviewed by: Maria Rochelle











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