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NXUP | February 24, 2018

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From Korea To Harlem Meet Black Ink's"Young Bae" - NXUP

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The Young Bae story is possibly the most inspirational in the history of the show.

Bae’s work as a tattoo artist has landed her a role on VH1’s Black
Ink New York. Determined to escape a life of poverty, with no chance
of a better life in sight she came to United States with only $80.00
in her pocket. Bae fibbed her way into a job as a tattoo artist. “If
you were born poor in South Korea, you’re going to stay poor, and your
kids are going be poor too,” she explains.

Migrated to the United States in 2007 at the age of 22, she quickly found herself working three jobs to make ends meet. Seeing a big neon sign spelling out “TATTOO,” Young Bae knew that was her way out despite never holding a tattoo gun. “Like, I don’t know sh!t about tattoos, but I know what
good art is,” Bae rationalized.

Young went from being an artist at a New York City tattoo parlor to
operating her own two-chair parlor. From then word of her
work began to spread like a virus on the streets of New York. Her
momentum built via social media which allowed her to become a
notable female artist in the tattoo industry, with over 25,000
Instagram followers to date. I think it is safe to say that Young bae
is indeed NXUP!!

Managed By: Cha_velent3

Artist @youngisblessed
Makeup By: JaySuarez @makeupbyjay
Hair Styled By: Nore Fancy @styledbyshanor
Photography By: @thisistwizz
Videography By: King Rames @lifesamovie__
Assistant Director @stayble33edsk3tches

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