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NXUP | January 20, 2018

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Jeff Chery "The Haitian Mufasa" - NXUP

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              JEFF CHERY

JEFF CHERY, also known as the Haitian Mufasa, is hip hop’s newest and fastest growing sensation! Having migrated from Haiti to Brooklyn, NY at age 6, then moving to Atlanta, GA in his early 20’s, Jeff Chery is boundless and so is his sound. His music is a beautiful Combination of colorful Haitian rhythms, traditional east coast grit and the melodic bass of the Dirty South. His Haitian roots give him a sense of pride, will and determination that keeps him grounded.

While his American upbringing has helped him to develop the boldness and audacity needed to stand out in this game, and stand out he has! Jeff Chery is recently being featured on the new VH1 television series Signed, a show where 3 music moguls, Lenny S (Roc Nation), Rick Ross (Maybach Music) and The Dream(Radio Killa Records) work to develop unsigned artists coaching them into potential stars.

The winners will ultimately have an opportunity to be signed to a record label. Chery’s dauntless personality, raw energy and overall lyrical prowess got the attention of Rick Ross, who added a verse to Chery’s single “What You Doin”. In the meantime, while the show is airing, Chery is continuing to work on his music. His latest project, Roam, is not only a lyrical expression of who he is as an artist; it’s also his verbal testimony. Detailing the hardships, trials and tribulations that most independent music artists go through on their journey towards success. Please stay tuned into the Jeff Chery experience, for it is indeed a larger than life roller coaster ride; gritty, fun, very personal and drippin’ in sauce!



Jeff Chery “The Haitian Mufasa”
Sound cloud: jeffchery
Facebook: Jeff Chery
Twitter: jeffchery
Instagram: jeffchery
Contact: Johnny Dixon
Tel: 678-851-3782


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