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NXUP | February 24, 2018

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Interview with Eric Martinez - NXUP

Interview with Eric Martinez
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2016 is looking bright for Eric with his directorial debut with the film “Money is King”. He loves to act because it gives him the ability to go into different realms of his being, and he shares some fantastic and motivational quotes with me as well. Here’s one of the quotes he shared with me: “When you hold onto your history, you do it at the expense of your destiny.”

Read more about Eric in our interview.
Maria– Tell me a little bit about your background: where you’re from and hobbies.

Eric– Well it’s really a long story which is why I’m writing a book, but to make a long story short I come from a very humble beginning and struggled my whole life to get where I am today. My kids are my #1 priority. I have 3 boys 18, 11 and 4 and they are my pride and joy. My 18 yr old is serving in the military right now, my 11 yr old is a boxer/wrestler and a 4 times state champ and my 4 yr old is the craziest of them all! lol!! I love to read, and listen to my bible studies. I listen to Joel Osteen every chance I get and recently started listening to T.D. Jakes. I’m finding that I really needed to change my perspective on things; I used to be all about the social life, nightlife and events. But now I feel more inclined to feed my soul, learn to love more and find new ways to expand on my life spiritually. It’s so much more rewarding; a lot of this business can leave you feeling empty, like you’re constantly chasing something that will never be there.

Maria– How long have you’ve been acting?

Eric– For a long time! Lol!!! My first major breakthrough came in 2008 with “Love Lies Bleeding” with Christian Slater and Jenna Dewan (Channing Tatum’s wife). Christian is one of my favorite actors and I was so excited to work with him. I played a thug and he was a dirty cop. After that it was a bunch of appearances on TV shows like “Scoundrels” on ABC, “In Plain Sight” on USA Network, “Better Call Saul” on AMC, “The Night Shift” and so on.

Maria– What do you love about acting?

Eric– Just the ability to go into different realms of your being and fully commit to something that normally you would not do. I love the feeling of comfortableness that the different roles can put you in. I love the process of film making as whole, the producing, the acting, direction, pre production, post production. It’s really neat to see other actors and how they prepare for scenes, and I take a little piece of everything I learn and use it in my preparation.

Maria– You’ve acted in TV shows, films and I imagine you’ve been in some commercials as well. Which do you prefer?
Eric– Really anything that puts me in front of the camera, I hope that doesn’t sound egotistical. What I mean is as an actor acts, I have rarely turned down a project unless it was something that I just couldn’t feel. But for the most part each has different tempos and purposes. TV and commercials are quick and fast in between takes and the entire process. With film it’s Action! Cut! Re- set! You can do a single scene up to 20 times and still not get what you want out of it.

Maria– You were in a film with Christian Slater “Love Lies Bleeding”, what was it like to work with him?

Eric– Like I said earlier he is one of my favorite actors; the thing that stood out to me the most was how comfortable he made me feel. He said right before our scene “Listen whatever happens don’t laugh” lol!! , and the whole time I was taking him serious, yet when the director yelled Action, he did everything he could to make me laugh! He was very gracious with his time and energy; I’ve been on sets with different actors who won’t even acknowledge you. I mean I guess it’s all in the individual and the performance they are trying to achieve. But I feel like you should never be so serious that you can’t allow yourself to have fun, remember this is still make believe. You’re getting paid to make believe!

Maria– You said “It’s important to me that I help with the charitable work as much as possible; I want to give kids the same opportunity that was given to me.” Who gave you opportunity and who encouraged you in the entertainment industry as an actor?

Eric– Wow! Well, my first real acting gig came from an amazing casting director and human being Kathy Brink out of Albuquerque, NM. When I auditioned for her, she made me feel so comfortable and at ease. If it wasn’t for her I’d probably be selling cars or insurance today! I have had so many influences and mentors along the way that it would be impossible to name everyone. Let me just say that a lot of people played a role in my achieving the success I have so far, but most of all, all my glory goes to God, without him truly nothing is possible.

Maria– You founded “I Got Your Back against Bullying and Domestic Violence”. Tell me about the campaign and what our readers of NXUP magazine can do to help with it.
Eric– Well, I have been speaking for some time now all over the country with different campaigns and decided one day I wanted my own. I used to tell all the kids “I got your back”, and my manager suggested that I call my campaign just that. I have a lot of support with it, my good friend Edwin Ruiz who owns MMACK10 Fight Gear sponsors a lot of our gear and wristbands that we give out to students, also my good friend Quinton Aaron from the hit movie “The Blindside” is an ambassador to my campaign. Follow us on Twitter: @IGot_YourBack

Maria– What has been your favorite movie that you’ve acted in and why?

Eric– I really can’t say because I’m not done! lol! I’ve had fun on every set that I have ever been on, no matter how big or small the role. I feel truly blessed to be even in the position to be doing this anyhow. Of course I want to expand my roles and do different characters. Most of the stuff I’m in, I play the bad guy. This next year I will make my directorial debut with Money is King I get to work with a great cast and crew and we are shooting in Albuquerque, NM.

Maria– Tell me three things about you that you want the readers to know.

Eric– #1 – I love God with all my heart because he sees past all my shortcomings, all my failures, all my mistakes, all my complaints, and still loves me for me. There is not a more powerful force or feeling than his Love.
#2 – My family, I love my boys and my girlfriend. It’s not easy being in this business and definitely not easy for those who support you. A lot of time they take the backseat while you get the shine, but I can say that a special someone was the best thing that could have happened to me. She is my rock and my angel, there are so many times when I have felt that I have hit the breaking point, and she will not let me quit or give up. She loves my kids and we love her. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
#3 – I WANT TO BE ON ELLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria– I want to be on Ellen too. I love to share motivational and inspirational quotes with readers. Do you have a couple or one that you go to when you’re having a tough day?

Eric– “When you hold onto your history, you do it at the expense of your destiny”
“There is no greater act of Love than Forgiveness”
“There is not a problem you have, tear that you shed, worry that you feel that God can’t take care of”
“You have to be willing to have your heart broken, that’s just what happens when you try”

Maria– Any advice that you can share with someone who is aspiring to be an actor?

Eric– RUN!!!!!!!!! LOL!! No seriously, I would say, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, not to be famous or popular or to make a ton of money. Do it because you truly love the art of film making, you truly love the art of becoming something different every day, and all the other stuff will come on its own. Study, listen, and learn everything you can about the business. Remember that no one will just hands you anything, you have to fight everyday to get your name out there, to make sure that when you’re called you’re ready. There are so many people who want to be in this business, so do today what others won’t, so you can do tomorrow what others can’t.

Maria– What’s your favorite movie?

Eric– “Passion of the Christ” hands down. Brilliantly written and done, there are a lot of good movies out there, but this is one that if you really allow yourself to be taken in by will change your life.

Maria– Any actors you look up to or a role model for you?

Eric– Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, Robert Deniro, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta, Jake Gyllanhall

Maria– What do you want your legacy to be?

Eric– More than anything that I was a hard worker, good dad, good husband and a Man of God. I want it to be known that I did my very best everyday and faced every challenge with my chin up. I want people to be able to say “There goes a good man”. I want to be able to inspire lives and help others achieve their goals, I want to be able to help those in need and give hope to those who feel like they can’t go another day. More people than you know are hurting in one way or another, and I feel like it’s our duty to be servants of men.

Follow Eric on his social media platforms:
Instagram; @emartinez6670


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