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NXUP | December 15, 2017

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Flawles Visions and Supreme Thoughts - NXUP

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In the heart of Downtown LA across from the famous Los Angeles Convention Center sits a corner store that you can’t help but notice. Not because of the big white letters above the door but because of the bright COLORS you see when looking inside. The all white store known for featuring major street wear designers and holding over 1000 styles of hats now features, Eternaly Flawles, a brand that is vastly growing in the Los Angeles street wear market. 

Eternaly Flawles (@eternalyflawles) is a brand that explains itself in its classic simplicity style and detailed quality. The Flawles label is created by entrepreneur Anissa Lyons, who initially had no fashion background, but a vivid dream of bringing her vision to life. With much patience and supreme thoughts, the launch of her collection is merging her dream right to her reality.

Check out my interview with the Creative Director herself and find out why she’s NXUP!

 Anissa Lyons,Creative Director of Eternaly Flawles 

Eternaly Flawles @eternalyflawles

Colors LA Store

 By: Dominique McCoy

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