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NXUP | February 24, 2018

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20th Philippine Fashion Week - NXUP

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May 29, 2016

Story produced by: Jhay Layson and Di Marasigan of TCMI Fashion Academy, Philippines

Co-produced by: Myrtle Ruaza

Reported and Photographed by: R.G. Gallardo

Nxup Magazine and TCMI Fashion Academy, Philippines, staff took front row seats during the 2016 Philippine Fashion Week to witness the splendid creations of Sidney Perez Sio and the ethereal designs of Amir Sali

The event couldn’t be more well-stated than the narrative that the producers of the fashion show have written on their program leaflet:

Philippine Fashion Week, now on its 20th year, is the premier and largest fashion event in the country. Staged biannually by Runway Productions, it is the brainchild of siblings and executive producers Audie and Joey Espino. The event aims to unify the Philippine fashion industry and to celebrate the ingenuity of the Filipino talent—from the who’s who of the Philippine fashion to emerging brands and designers slated to become the industry’s next big names.

With years of trendsetting expertise behind it, Philippine Fashion Week has evolved into the certified launch pad for both local and international fashion, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle brands. Aside from providing its diverse audience a preview of up-to-the-minute fashion trends that combine style and function, Philippine Fashion Week aims to be the catalyst that propels the country into the global fashion arena.

Amir Sali

Known as the sought-after designer of Saudi Arabian royalty, Amir Sali brings to the Philippine Fashion Week runway his elegant and exquisite creations in his Simplified Glory collection.

The Amir Sali woman is characterized as strong yet humble. She exudes simplicity, strength, glory and purity. Sali showcases his interpretation of this gentle yet powerful woman with loose silhouettes in white and gold.

Sidney Perez Sio 

For Moshi

Sidney Perez Sio explores the characteristics of the heart in his Holiday 2016 anthology entitled 10,000 Joys and 10,000 Sorrows.

The pieces are created as the result of Sio’s analysis of the human heart through the lens of design—a heart has color, texture and of course, feelings. The dominant colors and patterns in this collection are pink, peach, red, black and rose print on neoprene fabric. Rose prints and black stripes represent a heart that grows both compassion and fear, while red symbolizes a heart that is happy.

Media information for Philippine Fashion Week: Joy Beunsalido

Buensalido & Associates Public Relations



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