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NXUP | February 24, 2018

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Wolf Critton - NXUP

Wolf Critton
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The good thing about life, is that you can do what you want with it. You can choose to be who you want and even live out the dreams you want. Well this New York’er is doing just that. One of his favorite bands is Never Say Never, This is the interview of Wolf Critton. Keep watching, because he’s NXUP!


What inspired you to start singing?

It was never premeditated, when I held a guitar for the first time, my voice followed the notes and from there I couldn’t stop.

Who are your biggest supporters?

My biggest is every single one of my friends and family. At the end of the day you can’t measure love. But if I had to pick a top it’d be my beloved TJ

I know you’ve served in the Army for 8 years in the infantry, what was it like to serve? And thank you for serving our country.

It was like being introduced to reality for the first time in my life. I’ve never felt more alive, more afraid or more in touch with my own mortality.

Do you write all your songs?

I do, every song is a page from my subconscious diary.

Who or what inspires you?

Life, passion and love

What’s the story behind you latest video “Foolish Thing”? What inspired you to write it?

One day I realized that I was in love so much that it was to a fault, it felt like God was punishing me because I was loving so blindly.

Tell me three fun facts about you.

I love my motorcycle, I can eat a million wings and still want more, and I’m in love with the woods.



I don’t know if it’s motivational but the quote that stays in my mind is: “the tiger and the lion may be more powerful….. But the wolf dose not perform in the circus”


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